• Experience in Pacific Rim manufacturing since 1977
  • ISO, ASA and UL quality control
  • Hong Kong base - mainland manufacturing facilities
  • Fast turnaround on quotes, first articles, & production
  • Aggressive pricing
  • FOB San Francisco or Los Angeles
  • Boat or air delivery
  • Professional sales force
  • Customer care services
  • Global networking
  • Worldwide resources
We Specialize in Delivering High Quality, Low Cost,Pacific Rim Manufacturing Resources to U.S. Companies.
Delivering Pacific Rim resources to large and small US companies for over 23 years.
Connect In China
If you need:
We can Deliver!!
Call Us today or fill out an online quote.
Guaranteed 12 hr response time.
We do it all and we do it right the first time. We have a superior track record when it comes to pcb assembly, fabrication of sheet metal and stainless steel parts.
Why Connect In China?
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Connect In China
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